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F&CC Janitorial Services Include:

F&CC janitorial service provides office cleaning services to all types of facilities for customers in central Illinois and surrounding cities.

Commercial Office Cleaning

We clean elevators and main entrances, take out trash, vacuum floors, clean glass (windows up to 8 feet), and more.

Janitorial Services

Our crews can service schools, classrooms, gymnasiums, conference rooms, meeting spaces, kitchens, and much more. We can customize a package of regularly scheduled services for your unique needs.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We can provide services monthly, quarterly, or as often as you require. We offer foam-based shampooing plus vacuuming. Our shampoo is guaranteed to dry in 2 hours. 

Construction Clean-Up

Floors & Carpet Care can accommodate any job site, no matter how large or small. We offer high-precision cleaning of edges, windows, fixtures, baseboards, and more. We will make any space move-in ready quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Water Extraction

In case of bursting pipes, natural disasters and or other emergencies, we provide water-extraction services. We’re available 24/7.

We have successfully provided service to businesses of all size. We possess the expertise and stability to undertake cleaning projects of substantial volume and extraordinary requirement. Our experience in servicing various types of facilities affords us the insight to identify what services and frequency of those services that are required.

We have developed a management and supervisory staff that focus on client satisfaction. Our team of professionals consists of Quality assurance, specialists, system specialists, training specialists, and supervisors. These professionals ensure that all duties are performed as specified in our service agreement.

Our regularly scheduled services will help you keep your space – whether a school, factory, warehouse, or office building – looking as clean, fresh, vibrant, and welcoming as it did the day the doors opened for the first time.

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