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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As a property owner, you know dirty windows and stained walls aren’t good for business. What about dirty and stained floors?

The experienced, professional crews at Floors & Carpet Care of Peoria, IL, will ensure that when your customers and employees walk through your doors, they see clean, fresh, and welcoming flooring and carpeting.

Our clients include banks, courthouses, and offices throughout the Peoria and Rockford area, all of which depend on Floors & Carpet Care to provide regular and thorough cleaning of a variety of surfaces.

Floors & Carpets Care also specializes in water extraction, helping you clean and dry up in the event a pipe should burst, a pump fail, or some other accident leave your floors a soggy mess. We use heavy-duty vacuums to remove the water, and we then scrub out any stains and leave your flooring dry and clean.   

Floors & Carpets Care also provides commercial cleaning, janitorial, and construction clean-up services.

Call today for your commercial carpet cleaning needs.